Who is Delta HR Consult

Delta HR Consult activates in human resources field since 2000 being already one of the traditional companies in western romanian market. At the beginning we have focused on personnel recruitment and selection activities as well as on new employees.

Furthermore we have developed our services towards complete HR solutions including consulting, HR audit and organizational diagnosis. Our task is doubled by complex training and team building solutions.

Since 2012, Delta HR Consult is the official national partner of Spelleken Associates Germany, developing important projects both in the country, as well as in central and Eastern Europe, in business and management consultancy field and in adapted training and coaching programs.

At this time, Delta HR Consult has the ability to provide full assistance in human resources including taking specific activities of the staff, for customers who want to outsource such services.

Delta HR Consult Team

  • Laurentiu Corin

    HRM Consulting / Training / Team Building

    Founder of Delta HR Consult Company, Laurentiu is a specialist psychologist in Organizational Psychology Area, with extensive experience in human resources. His area of expertise covers both the development of HR processes in organizations, as well as the design and implementation of numerous programs, designed to increase employee efficiency: psychological and aptitude assessment centers ( both in personnel selection and in retaining existing employees), training and team building adapted, orientation and integration of new employees, monitoring systems of performance.

  • Adrian Katalinic

    Commercial Consulting & Marketing / Training / Recruiting

    Specialist in commercial area, Adrian’s experience in Sales and Sales Management activity meets the needs of our partners to streamline business for sale and to implement simple and effective solutions for increasing turnover. His competences cover both the development of the client company sale strategy, as well as the formation and development of sales consultants teams.

  • Traian Botea

    Quality Management Consultant

    DQS accredited auditor, Traian is specialized in audits and certifications in quality management systems. With expensive experience in analyzing organizational processes, his competences come to support standardization and efficiency efforts of a company’s productivity.

  • Mirela Bejan

    Financial Management Consulting / Personnel Administration

    Mirela is specialized in financial management, cost-benefit analysis ( including in terms of employees productivity) and public procurement, providing both the necessary support for taking decisions on financial activity and fiscal policy for companies in various industries, as well as the support for payroll transactions and for personnel administration

  • Caius Schelenka

    Trainer, Lean Manufacturing

    With extensive operational and managerial experience in industrial (manufacturing processes, logistics, industrialization), Caius strengthens our team skills area, covering services training in Lean Manufacturing and Management.

  • Viktoria Chernenko

    Critical thinking coaching & development

    Viktoria is a practitioner philosopher specialised in critical thinking development and questioning techniques that apply in various domains such as HR, Management, Sales, Production, etc.
    Delivers workshops all around the world, from Europe to the Far East.
    She is one of the few professionals in the “mental coaching” worldwide who does critical thinking stimulation and refining; the approach is very direct, unbiased, harsh and firm (without any political correctness) and demonstrates how far we really are within our society from an efficient and disciplined thinking.

The main areas of Delta HR Consult competences are:

  • The design and implementation of orientation and integration programs of the new employees to reduce the adaptation period and to achieve faster the required performance level
  • Personnel recruitment and selection: complex assessment centers, with development of prognosis related to the evolution of the companies new employees
  • Market research oriented to identify the consumer behaviours and prognosis elaboration with a range of error of +/ – 3%
  • Programs of organizational and motivational team building
  • Financial-economic analysis of employees productivity
  • The design and implementation of attitudinal-behavioral monitoring systems of performances, in order to conform the employees to the principles and values of the company
  • Analysis and (re) design of HR processes within the company, in order to reduce the personnel costs and to increase the employees profitability
  • Training programs and adapted coaching, with the analysis of the skills and abilities of the participant and subsequent development of concrete actions aimed to the measurable increasing of performance
  • Support in the certification of quality systems ISO 9000:2001 ( DQS partner)
  • Outsourcing for accounting and payment activities