Training modules Timisoara

Training modules are developed for different business sectors, covering many areas: sales, customer care, organisational communication, leadership, negotiation and argumentation, transactional analysis, time management, project management.

Quick response capacity development for the banking representative concerning own products / services presenting.

Main Training Themes:

  • Banking client relationship (treatment of clients beginning from the main typologies identified on the banking market)
  • Inter-individual attitude typologies (the main attitudes we can show towards the client with the adjacent advantages and risks)
  • Banking Products & Services presenting techniques

Time awareness as limited resource in professional activity and therefore the need for a planned utilization of it.

  • Activity planning importance
  • Developing skills for setting activity purpose and objectives
  • Exercising daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planning
  • Time thieves awareness and elimination methods

Activity management through project’s efficient structure

  • Knowing the importance of a coherent, organized approach of organizational processes and activities
  • Developing project management skills: planning projects, managing projects, finalizing and evaluating projects
  • Developing skills for better resource allocation within organization

Developing skills for efficient meeting organizing and conducting

  • Enhancing meeting efficiency through surprise factor management
  • Exercising group moderating skills
  • Developing skills for managing difficult participants

Getting participants to understand that all their benefits finally come due to their customers

  • Learning and respecting efficient communication rules
  • Learning and exercising fundamental steps that have to be climbed in relation with the customer in order to facilitate the selling transaction and to keep the customer satisfied
  • Getting to know some customer typologies altogether with the right strategy to approach them

Enhancing communication abilities and interpersonal efficiency in socio-professional relationships.

At the end of the training module, participants would have learned about:

  • The three ego states (Parent, Child and Adult)
  • Communication & transaction types
  • Psychological games (the mechanics of interpersonal relationship dysfunctions)
  • Sceneries and attitudes of life
  • Ego states dysfunctions

Develop the necesary abilities in order to increas the sales personnel efficency.

  • Developing abilities for a structured prospect approach; fundamental information for the first meeting
  • Learning methods regarding how to plan and obtain a first meeting
  • Developing the necessary abilities to attract a potential client
  • Practicing the most important steps of the sale process, with a positive result

Enhancing reasoning and counter-reasoning abilities for negotiation situations and efficient communication. This module is extremely useful to managers, sales representatives and all of those who have to efficiently communicate negotiate and persuade in their daily activity:

At the end of the training module, participants would have learned about:

  • Developing critical thinking skills required by negotiation and interpersonal communication
  • Developing complex messages deciphering abilities and persuasion abilities
  • Increasing the capacity of identifying reasoning errors
  • Practicing tactics and techniques that are required by negotiation activities
  • Clear and fluent ideas communication
  • Building of coherent and solid reasoning
  • Understanding of hidden messages
  • Persuasion and negotiation

Enhancing creativity, efficient data gathering and analysis, decision making process.

  • Learning and exercising creativity stimulation methods
  • Preventing intrusion of creativity inhibitors
  • Developing skills for efficient data gathering when lacking time
  • Developing skills for data analysis and interpretation in order to make the optimal decision

Learning about positive and negative aspects of leadership function within organization

  • Determining participants leadership quotient
  • Identifying, description and strengthening the positive side of leadership function
  • Working on the negative side effects that leadership function involves