What is talent finder?

By talent finder we understand a highly specialized recruiting process designated to fulfill our beneficiary’s expectations in terms of faster insertion & productivity for the newly hired and by that conserving valuable financial resources for our clients. Wether it is about an executive search process or a need for a strategic sales person, we aim for the best available option that has to provide best ROI on the process.

All of our clients will benefit from consistent counseling regarding candidate’s rate of success and development based on extensive personality profiling, grounded on more than 25 years of experience in the field of industrial & organizational psychological research and practice. We also provide active candidate promotion services.

Talent Finder and Executive Search Timisoara

Principles and values

  • Any of our executive search request or talent finder process is treated with maximum discretion in order to preserve both parties confidentiality until we are absolutely sure that there is a strong opportunity for partnership.
  • We will not charge the prospects / candidates under any circumstances as our fee is to be totally covered by the beneficiary.
  • We will not begin any executive search & talent finder process until we are thoroughly acquainted of all the requirements and needs.
  • We will not under any circumstances respond to solicitations that do not provide complete information upon solicitor’s identification data that is to be verified before providing any written offer.
  • For first-time contracts we will charge a 30% advance payment. We will never do mass recruiting or advertise in the traditional way in order to provide maximum of intimacy and confidentiality.

Search process main steps:

The range of the search process is roughly around six weeks. It takes more or less time depending on wether we already have or not “warm” candidates to fill in the required positions.

The main steps in our search process are as follows:

  • Identifying & agreeing upon requirements and needs
  • Beginning primary research & assessments
  • Adjusting if necessary both parties expectancies
  • Connecting both parties and monitoring preliminary meetings
  • If requested, we can offer support for a maximum of 90 days after hiring in order to facilitate better insertion and faster performance

Upon request, we can provide support for a maximum of 90 days of employment, to facilitate insertion and performance parameters for the new employee. Our customers will benefit from consistent advice on success rates and conditions for development of the candidate, based on an extensive profiling based on its more than 25 years of experience in the field of industrial and organizational psychology.

Attitudinal-behavioral profiling in personnel selection

  • Each company wants to strengthen teams whose purpose is extra-performance, regardless their specialization: sales, purchasing, design, production, etc.
  • Expertise and outstanding results gained in recent years on attitudinal and behavioral profiling( especially in selling services Telecom) showed that performance in a particular area is less correlated with previous experience of the candidates for the job, in turn it depends a lot on the presence or absence of certain defining features that the candidates proves or not.In this way, the employing company saves precious resources of energy, time and money by attracting qualified human resources.
  • Profiling is therefore an evaluation particular process of existing best-performes ( employees who have already successfully adapted to pressures camed from the company related to the expected results) and consequently generating a profile sheet and a special interview guide, whose essential role is to allow access to the system only to eligible candidates.
  • Identifying the desirable profile of the candidate for a particular job is done adapted, depending on the specific activities that are to be undertaken and on the characteristics of the employing company.