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Consultancy work in Human Resource Management targets all HR processes at organizational level. Starting with audits and diagnosis and ending with fine tuning elements (staff assessment centers, development and harmonization of professional performance monitoring, etc.), we offer our partners an experience of over 11 years in human resources development. Human Resources consulting targets all HR processes at an organisational level.

Targeted HR processes

Poor awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, can lead to difficulties in terms of establishing a correct strategy, competitiveness necessary in a competitive market. Setting realistic business priorities and action plans appropriate depends on the accuracy with which we can eliminate problems and take advantage of benefits.

Organizational diagnosis investigating these sub-systems:

  • strategic
  • structural
  • cultural
  • Leadership
  • evaluation
  • Membership
In the absence of a proper functioning of the activity of human resources in an organization runs the risk of higher costs, resources and energy invested in the activity. Faulty definition of the function of HR leads to a decrease in yield of employees and consequently a decrease in profitability of the organization.

The audit aimed analysis and diagnosis of human resources processes of the company

  • attraction / recruitment
  • Select
  • retention
  • development
  • evaluation
  • adjusting
A selection of staff is not followed by an orientation program for new employees and integration company, no matter how good it would be done, sometimes risking to be unsuccessful due to the crucial first 60-90 days, during which the employee ( depending on how fair is oriented) or learns to become an integral part of the organization.

Program orientation and integration of new employees is developed and implemented within a team involves generating ventures and Employee Handbook, which represents the evolution of the instrument under which the person is evaluated post during professional guidance.

Information obtained through staff evaluation are used as a factor stimulating the desire for self-improvement by influencing employees in the future, while having a prognostic value that takes the necessary measures in time to produce positive change; these data can be used as a base material rewards system for granting / non-material offered.

To get a better look and less distorted on the performance of managed human resources, we need personnel policies oriented performance management, policies within which the transaction between the employer and employee to be as fair and beneficial to both parties.

Job analysis enables accurate definition of specific activity, changes in the labor process, the degree of workload, characteristics that must meet job occupant, etc. Job evaluation is a systematic process for determining the value of the station in relation to other positions within the organization and enables:

  • achieving value hierarchy of positions within the company
  • expression in monetary terms the value of the channel
  • Detailed identification of the types of pressures being put on the employee occupant of that post
  • ease the selection process by reporting job profile candidates from the assessments stations
  • ease both the orientation process for new employees, and process monitoring individual performance of employees by reporting the evolution of staff levels and standards of “resistance” required job profile
Assessment centers are used both in the process of selection, and in case you want to take a decisions about the directions of development of the staff and are intended categories of staff occupying administrative positions, commercial and managerial.

An assessment center involves going through certain steps, including interviews, psycho-aptitude complex and practical applications of group meant to allow both the development of an individual profile of the person in question, and formulate comparisons and forecasts on the evolution in time of candidate or that employee.

An essential step in an assessment center, is represented by evaluating the structure of personality participants using California Psychological Inventory (CPI) tool with which we have a work experience of over 7 years and is considered to be the most complete sample investigation personality internationally. To view a demo performed using the ICC profile, please visit the following link: view demo profile